Learn the art and science of music production in Ableton Live with the Elevator Program

3 years ago
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Elevator Program was created by Berlin-based sound engineer Hybrasil (Rekids / Awesome Soundwave). Over the past ten years, he has helped some of the world’s leading artists master Ableton Live & the Creative Process, developing an innovative system for teaching music production in the process.

Since they launched in 2020, they have welcomed 3400 artists onto their platform. They have helped producers from across Europe master the craft of electronic music production and sign music to some of the worlds leading record labels. They have also launched a record label for graduates and mentored over 100 artists towards their goal of releasing music.

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Elevator Program takes a practical approach to teaching electronic music production. Their program is focused on helping artists learn advanced production techniques and fast-track their creative process. Their courses cater for artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Learn how to write, mix and master your tracks. Expand your knowledge of Ableton, find your voice as an artist and release your music with the Elevator Program Record Label


Elevator Program was founded by Berlin-based artist and sound engineer Will Kinsella aka Hybrasil, who has performed at some of the world’s leading clubs such as Panorama Bar Berlin, Amnesia & Space Ibiza. Over the years, he has built a wealth of experience, a deep record bag, and world-class production skills which have all landed him various successful releases on well-established labels.

Having already made numerous appearances on Radio Slave’s Rekids, including his debut album Embers, in 2020 he was signed to Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave project for live artists, debuting with Dezik EP and released his first EP with Marco Faraone’s label Uncage.

His music is a regular feature in the record bags of the world’s Techno elite, including Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and Alan Fitzpatrick.

As a lecturer, he has delivered masterclasses and developed learning programs at SAE Institute in Berlin and Dublin Technical University. He first learned his craft on Neve and SSL Consoles as a house Engineer at Temple Lane & Grouse Lodge studios, most famously known as the studio where Michael Jackson recorded his last work. After Temple Lane he went on to engineer, mix, and master for globally renowned House and Techno artists, recently working as a Studio Technician and Mixing Engineer for Radio Slave and SRVD (Rekids).

Will Kinsella has been developing learning programs for over 10 years. During this time he would lay the foundations of what would become Elevator Program. Working with artists of all levels and experience, he identified a process for helping music producers reach their creative potential and realize their artistic goals. He is now sharing his experience and his journey as an artist through Elevator Program.

His involvement in the industry runs deep. In 2016 he was the first Irish promoter to bring the Jeff Mills Orchestra project to Ireland, he worked as a talent booker for Game Over / Carl Cox Ibiza (2017/2018) and he was awarded a lifetime achievement award by Dublin Technical University in 2017.

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