House & Techno Spotify playlist submission

2 years ago
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House and techno music playlist submission

You just finished your new track… and now? Playlist submissions can be very time-consuming and sometimes you didn’t even get a response. We’ve partnered up with PlaylistPush to help upcoming & established artists by getting their tracks heard by playlist curators. These playlists are user-generated and owned by independent curators.

How to submit your music to big Spotify Playlists?

When running a campaign via PlaylistPush your track will be sent to a targeted group of playlist curators (including Deep Tech Mag) + 30 similar playlists. Each curator has a playlist with an active following.  

During your two-week campaign, curators will review your song, and if they like it they have the option to add it to their playlist. When this happens PlaylistPush sends you an email instantly with a link to that playlist. 

You will be updated throughout your campaign with reviews from each curator that listens to your song, and notifications each time your song is added to a playlist.

At the end of your campaign, you will receive a full report of your campaign performance.

To date, PlaylistPush helped over 3,400 artists reaching over 25 million listeners across more than 5,000 campaigns.

Playlist submission to Deep Tech Mag Spotify playlist

When you want your track in the Deep Tech Mag Official Playlist (with 10k + followers) + 30 similar playlists, make sure to submit your track via this link.

More info about PlaylistPush is here.

Have your own Playlist with over 1000 followers and want to be part of the PlaylistPush curators team? Become a Curator.

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