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Reaching more than 2 million people every week. We are a global creative hub for artists and events to connect with their audience and a resource for people to discover the latest music, trends and news in the underground electronic music scene.

With followers like: Defected Records, Claptone, Folamour, Tiesto, Matador, Lilly Palmer, Vintage Culture, Franky Rizardo, ANOTR & many more you won’t be the first artist, label or track that’s been discovered! Send your content to the team, so we can check if your content qualifies for a promo. We respond within 24h.

Social media campaign

We reach more than 2 million people every week in your target audience. Use our audience to give your brand, event, track or label the attention it deserves. We love helping [upcoming] artist & give them a podium. 

Music placement

Get more exposure with (new) audiences, extra streams and get your music heard all over the world. 
[Spotify & SoundCloud]


Get seen on our Instagram with the story package. Average reach of 3k - 20k.
  • Instagram story + swipe


Upgrade your Instagram game with a lifetime feed or reel post. Average reach of 35k - 200k.
  • Instagram story + swipe
  • Instagram feed + post


The complete package to promote on all our platforms.
  • 2 Instagram stories + swipe
  • Instagram feed post
  • Premiere on our SoundCloud
  • Track on our Official Spotify Playlist
  • Share track on our TikTok
  • Twitter post
  • Advice for good content
for artist & labels


Premiere your track on SoundCloud and add 1 track to our official Spotify playlist.
  • Premiere on our SoundCloud
  • Track on our main Spotify Playlist (3 months)
  • Archive playlist (forever!)
  • Instagram story + swipe
for artist & labels
We accept Paypal, Creditcard and Crypto for payments. Prices are excl. VAT


Power up your visibility, build your reputation & credibility and reach more people with a native editorial or feature on our website. Helps for getting your profile verified. 
*Always includes a share on our Socials. 

editorial feature website deep tech mag

Native editorial or feature

Max file load size: 250kb
Accepted file formats: JPG, PNG, MP4
Price: €150,- [excl. VAT]
+ Share on our Socials. FB, IG story & Twitter. 
*PR Agency? Ask for the (long-term) collaboration possibilities. 

interview promotion deep tech mag


Max file load size: 250kb
Accepted file formats: JPG, PNG, MP4
Price: €150,- [excl. VAT] 
+ Share on our Socials. FB, IG story & Twitter. 
*PR Agency? Ask for the (long-term) collaboration possibilities. 

advertisement deep tech mag website


Max file load size: 468×60, 300×250, 120×120, 120×600
Accepted file formats: JPG, GIF, SWF, Rich Media
Price: €200,- per month [excl. VAT]

Who we Work For

With our content we are raising awareness, driving engagement, generating streaming and boosting ticket sales for clients all over the world. With the Tribes Collective we’ve done campaigns for clients such as:

& many more
Julien Vertigo
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Very nice promotion possibility that gave me the opportunity to reach Tiesto [VER:WEST] with a feature on his famous Club Life Podcast! Without DeepTechMag it wouldn't be possible! So grateful for this and totally recommend to work with them!
Chris Braun
Manager ARTBAT
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Big thanks to DeepTechMag for the amazing and consistent support. Very nice and on-point promotion. Looking forward to working on more stuff with DTM. Thanks
Stephen Flynn
Jukebox PR
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A big thanks to DeepTechMag for their consistent support of our artists. Bob really knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks Bob!