#1 Tool to grow on SoundCloud and expand your fanbase using Hypeddit

3 years ago
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dj / producer guide boosting soundcloud reach and growing fanbase using hypeddit

A loyal community of connected fans, and ever-growing track plays is the ultimate goal that most DJ/producers aspire to. However, in the digital world where anyone can self-release straight onto major streaming platforms. The competition to get your music heard and build a committed fanbase is fierce, to say the least.

So, how can you best optimise the success of your next house music anthem or minimal tech ensemble, to ensure that you grow more than just your Soundcloud stats? But also, your fanbase of genuine, life-long listeners who will download your tracks, purchase tickets to your raves and engage with your posts on social media. 

Introducing the pioneering technology of Hypeddit

What is Hypeddit and how does it work?

Hyppedit is based on connecting you and your music with real human fans. 

No space for bots in here! 

Hypeddit is a forward-thinking music promotion toolbox that uses download gates amongst many other exposure features to help multiply your fanbase whilst ranking up the plays that your music deserves. 

Hold up, what’s a download gate?

A download gate is a webpage that you share to promote a free download of your track. For a listener to access your free download, they must give something in exchange in the form of digital engagement. 

This can include signing up to your artist mailing list, reposting your track on SoundCloud, pre-saving on Spotify or following and interacting with your Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/Twitter account. On Hypeddit you can customise exactly where you want your new listener to engage according to your goals as a DJ/producer. 

It’s a win, win deal for both. The listener gets to play your bouncing new tech-house track on repeat, and in return, you welcome a potential fan for life into your online community. Someone who you can retarget with future releases and the powerful knowledge that they already vibe to tracks exactly like yours. 

Now that’s how to market your music efficiently, right?

Hypeddit’s formula for success of Good Music + Effective Promotion = Rapid Fanbase Growth works not only for DJ/producers but also for beatmakers, underground record labels, sample producers, promoters and more.

Your career stage doesn’t matter either. You could be a start-out producer, or one of the renowned names on DJ Mag’s top 100 already using Hyppedit to reach bigger audiences.

Top tips for using Hypeddit to transform your music marketing strategy

Now for the good bit. Here’s how you can make the most of some of Hypeddit’s promotional features to boost your track plays and grow your fanbase.

Premiere your new release with a download gate

Before releasing your next big techno tune to the world via Spotify or Apple Music. Use a Hypeddit download gate to allow listeners access to an exclusive free download of your track once they sign up to your mailing list or interact with one of your social platforms. 

You know how much electronic music-lovers get hyped at an exclusive first spin before release day! Even more so when they’re curating set lists for live DJ sets and new mixes.

Use a 2-step unlock to access your download

As a Hypeddit Pro member, you have the added bonus of being able to add multiple steps to unlocking your free download.

For example, the listener must first sign up to your mailing list then, follow/like/comment/repost your SoundCloud and even follow a social media platform that you’re currently trying to grow. 

From one download, you’ve gained a new direct line of contact with a fan via your mailing list, an engaged social media follower, and a new SoundCloud follower!

Go viral with the help of your existing fans

Have you ever admired a DJ/producer who seemed to go from zero to scene hero over night? 

That kind of viral success in music requires 2 things:

1. Great music. Tracks that you instantly NEED to share with your friends and want to play on repeat. We’re sure you’ve got that nailed already!

2. You need the unbeatable momentum of an engaged fanbase supporting you. 

People love to take music recommendations from those they trust have good taste. So, to get the most out of Hypeddit and increase your viral effect, make use of SoundCloud’s unique repost feature and maximise your song reach when creating your download gate. 

If one person with 500 SoundCloud followers reposts one of your tracks, then you have the potential to reach up to 500 more people from one download gate fan. 

Now, imagine the reach if you had 100 downloads?

Get featured in Hypeddit’s Top 100 charts and new releases radar

Hypeddit collates top 100 charts across a range of genres including deep house, techno, tech-house and more which is yet another way that new people can discover your music. 

The fan promotion tool helps you to get your tracks spotlighted at the top of the charts for maximum reach by running track campaigns. 

Pro members can even have their music listed in Hypeddit’s new releases charts for even more exposure to thousands of weekly fans. 

Get started today by creating a free account. Or, skip straight to the unlimited marketing tools that industry professionals are already using by signing up for a Pro membership.

Visit Hypeddit’s official website to find out more. 

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