Interview with The Other Nomad

2 months ago
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interview the other nomad

Martino [The Other Nomad] is a producer and DJ out of New York City. He sees the house and techno music scene as an ecosystem and each one of us as producers, DJ’s, and listeners as contributors to this vital part of our lives. He fell in love with this scene at his first Detroit Electronic Music Festival (or DEMF) back in 2010. It was there he gained an appreciation for the music and the people who frequent these wonderful places and since then the continuation of this music has developed into a way of life for this young lad.

As of 2021, he is beginning to gain some traction in the NYC underground as he releases his first sets of tracks and leaves his crowds floored at learning of a new DJ that can provide them a unique and energetic experience on the dance floor. So keep an eye out for this enthusiast as he continues this wonderful journey through music and performance.

Hey, The Other Nomad, how are things?

Things are starting to heat up.

How has the beginning of your music journey been so far? Any highlights?

Seeing as though last year was my first year really starting to release nationally and internationally as well as playing shows on a regular basis I’d say just that. It’s been wild getting to know the industry more intimately; how much work is required to formally put out a release, the level of constant effort needed to know your music prior to playing and just the amount of people around the city and the world that love doing what you love.

How exciting is to be in the music industry as you start to build up some releases?

From my experience the music industry out of all the creative industries is the most centered around people coming together and connecting with one another. Especially when we focus specifically on dance music within the industry, without an audience there’s a magic that is lost. On some level I think we all know this but what’s wild is that the audience can be real or imagined. So even in the production process of a track, which in my case is often spent alone for many many hours in my studio, I’m still very much anticipating the shared experience of the music with some imagined audience.

What was the first track or artist that inspired you to become a producer?

It was more of a live experience, that of seeing Nicolas Jaar live in Providence at the Performing Art Center back in 2016. It’s an old beautiful theater built in 1928 and was taken over by college students and music enthusiasts and of course Jaar put on an amazing performance that really set the stage if you will. You can imagine the classic ornamental designs and high vaulted ceilings juxtaposed with this newage sound and audience, it was the perfect harmony of my two loves; architecture and music. On the car ride back to Boston where I was studying at the time  I remember thinking to myself “well man if you can produce music with even 1% the enthusiasm you just experienced it will  have been worth it, so it’s time to suit up and start producing already.”

Describe to us your current sound of music and how you have developed your production so far.

My sound is something of a traveler, constantly changing, updating and finding new places to go; a nomad if you will. I’d describe myself as a connective thread between the rominimal to the tech-house genres. Learning from the production styles of each and collaging them together to create a unique sound. But if I had to break it down my core elements would be a simple groove layered with some sort of sound design exploration.

Your new release comes on Release Your Mind, where did the inspiration come for ‘Mad Listen’?

Mad Listen was inspired by the dynamic synth from SOSA’s “It’s Time To Move.” When I heard that track I was like…ok what the actual fuck that synth sounds like fun, so I ventured out to create my own version of that track. Rather than sampling someone else I decided to record myself in a delirious state at 5am after a party to create the vocals and hence: Mad Listen.

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Is there any country in the world you would like to visit that you still have not?

Ohhhh yes, not in any current order – Brazil, Argentina, Romania, France, Japan, Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania are all on the top of my list. Many of these are due to people I’ve communicated with for upcoming releases, and the others because of their rich history, countryside and culture. You’ll just have to keep an eye out to differ which is which.

How do you spend your downtime currently?

That’s really funny, downtime…

Where do you hope your musical journey will take you in the next few years?

I am trying to manage the synthesis of my musical and design career because I refuse to choose between the two despite the advice of many. So with that said, I am looking forward to how the two can bounce off each other in fun and unassuming ways. For instance, the spaces I design for may benefit from the events I throw by involving musicians I love while clothing I design can benefit from the cross exposure as well.

I guess we’re calling that style of progressing as a ‘generalist’ these days. It’s not for the faint of heart as you have to love learning new things constantly, which means having a good relationship with failure which of course at times is welcomed and at others just the kind of stress you don’t need, but in the end if you love it you can deny yourself that joy.


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