Interview with Henri Bergmann

3 months ago
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henri bergmann interview

Henri Bergmann is a house & techno producer and DJ, with an emotive and melodic sound. Recently signed to Watergate’s DJ roster, Henri’s productions have been on fire. Her “Nexus” EP was featured on the cover of Spotify’s Electronic Rising playlist and she was chosen by Deezer to be a part of their DJ mix series, alongside house legend Kerri Chandler, Will Saul & Kompakt’s Michael Mayer.

Hey Henri, thanks for taking the time to talk to Deep Tech Mag today! How’s 2022 been for you so far?

So far, so good. I was making music for the first half while it was quiet and now getting to play it all out as things are picking up.

For readers that may not be so familiar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I don’t like to label myself as a melodic house producer and DJ as I play so many different genres and parties but I guess if I had to that’s what I would say.

How was the pandemic for you? Did it affect your music taste and style?

I managed to pop out 2 babies during lockdown so have kept myself pretty busy but actually being forced to stay home helped me focus on making more music and develop my label as my head is usually all over the place when I’m traveling and DJing. The last track I released on Automatik, Protection, was an ode to the inner peace a lot of people found from being locked up. I know many also suffered and I’m sure it’s caused a lot of long-term mental health issues, especially amongst the younger generation, but I actually really enjoyed the time off from the noise.

When it comes to gigs, what’s your best environment to be in, do you think, a small, sweaty, dark club or a big open festival stage?

To be honest I haven’t really played a lot of big festival stages so I’d have to say a small, sweaty dark club. I love interacting with people on the dancefloor, making eye contact, seeing them react to songs, feeding off that energy in order to decide what to play next instead of having my set mapped out in advance and being reluctant to take risks.

We’re here to chat about your forthcoming five-track EP titled Higher Dimension. It’s fantastic I must say. What was the inspiration behind the release? 

Lyrically it’s about people being in denial about global warming and delusionally thinking that somehow scientists will come to the rescue. Fat Cosmoe and I wanted to do a collab for a while and developed four almost finished tracks but this was my favorite. We shopped it around to a few labels but it was missing a hook, I finally rearranged it and asked my husband Wennink to add his vocal magic, and then loved how it ended up so much I decided to release it on my own label.

The EP sees you returning to your own label, Automatik. What’s it like being able to release under your own label?

It’s very liberating. You get to choose the artwork, release date, and remixers yourself without having to compromise or needing to fit into the label’s sound. Post pandemic there’s so much traffic to release tracks once you do manage to get them signed, you could be waiting for up to a year or even longer. By then it feels dated and you’ve moved on. With my own label, I can finish a track and have it out in a month. Genius!

Buy link ‘Higher Dimension’ EP here 

Do you have any favorite pieces of equipment you have been using in the studio?

The Juno 106 and Diva. Luckily both Fat Cosmoe and I both love using the soft synth Diva so it made sharing Logic sessions a lot easier.

What’s in store for the rest of the year for you?

I’m releasing a remix for Hardt Antoine on Labyrinth and an EP on Watergate in the next couple of months.

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