Interview with Corrie about his ‘No Limit’ EP [Analytic Records]

2 years ago
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corrie interview deep tech mag

Welcome to Deep Tech Mag. How are things?

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chat with you.

Your first breakthrough as a DJ was in 1987 at your own club night “Roma” in London. Tell us some highlights of your music journey from that moment?

It has been a 35-year journey filled with parties, thrills, excitement, and most of all, inspiring experiences. It is amazing how much has changed in London since the mid-eighties but the vibe on the dance floor remains the same. 

A long journey from the extravagant Roma nights of the mid 80’s to the Sunrise crew acid house nights, weekend residency at the infamous Dalston Lane’s Labyrinth, the pioneering of Moscow’s underground scene during the mid 1990s, as well as supporting Nicolette’s Euro Tour, the Fix Club parties (UK, US, Canada, Italy, and Netherlands), Eat More Beef Music, and 10 years based in Buenos Aires, half a decade in Berlin, and relocation to magical southern Sardinia, which is where I was born.

You have created an industrial dance floor propellant with “No Limit” EP [Analytic Records]. What can you tell us about the creative process of making this track?

Beatport link

That’s really cool! I’m glad you like it! I generally make music for myself; I suppose it’s the kind of music I would like to hear on a dance floor. In my mind, I can just picture the energy… It needs to be hypnotic, groovy, and sexy… I want it to move you.

What are some of the key bits of music-making gear in your current setup? 

The kit I use varies depending on the track, it is a mixture of analog and digital, I record my own samples as well as field recordings, I twist things up, I use many plug-ins but I still enjoy the warmth of my Akai MPC 2000 XL, Prophet 5 and hardware modules. My speakers are kept at a very low volume. 

Besides making your own music, what music are you currently listening to?

The music I listen to varies greatly, from 70s Italian experimental, dark electronic, disco and Hi NRG, scary b movie soundtracks, to Moses Sumney and Chaka (of course)

Who are some up-and-coming producers that have grabbed your attention recently?

There is a great deal of recycled material, but I have to say that I really like the outfits of the Mainline Magic Orchestra… 😉

What would you like to achieve as an artist in the rest of 2022 and beyond?

What are my New Year’s resolutions? Providing more music to the younger generation of electronic music listeners. I also use two alter egos, S.O.S. Girlfriend and Yes Sir! I am currently engaged in a variety of projects, with a particular focus on a new album. I look forward to new gigs and remix collaborations.

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