Interview with Arodes

12 months ago
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arodes interview

Hi Arodes, thanks for chatting with us today! How has your summer been so far?

Hi guys! Summer is going great, we are in Europe, specifically in Ibiza. I’m Spanish and it’s a joy to be able to be close to my family, with whom I can recharge batteries, in the best place in the world to be in Summer. We have an agenda full of important events. For example, my debut at Hi Ibiza. It has been spectacular, I feel very grateful to the public who has come to dance with us. We have returned to the residence in Mykonos that is very special. Since the year past we were there and of course we wanted to return and this summer has been a fact.

Tell us about your journey into electronic music, when did you first fall in love with it?

It was precisely in Ibiza, I’ve been going there since I was 16 years old, I’m from Alicante, hence I have the island just a 20 minutes flight away. I perfectly remember the first time I went to a club, the musical genre that I connected was with electronic music. From that moment on, he has been present in my life as my favorite genre and it has definitely marked my style that has been evolving over time.

You have a new EP on the way on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue label. Can you tell us more about this release? What has been your experience working on this record?

It is something very important not only because it goes hand in hand with Rose Avenue but because of what it represents for me like artist. The EP is made up of tracks that have been ready between a year and a half a year. We have put our hearts into them and we have made them with a special feeling thinking about captivating the person who listens to them for what I dance to them. They play an important part of my DJ set, I have been playing them in all my sets in every part of the world I go to. Thanks to one of these tracks, I connected with Rufus Du Sol. First it was the music and then the connection, so for me there is no better place where this EP can come out than under their label and see them playing the tracks it is very satisfying since I deeply respect and admire them as artists and today I consider them great friends.

What are some of the key parts of the music creation equipment in your current setup?

I built a home Studio, where I strove to have a decent sound treatment. I have no analog gear other than an “Apollo uad and my focal speakers”. I start a lot of projects on my laptop when I’m on the go, inspiration never knows where or when it’s coming, so I’ve gotten used to working “out of the box”. My favorite daw is Ableton because of the ease it gives you to have an arrangement in a few minutes, I couldn’t live without the Diva or Serum synths, and my favorite plugin package is fabfilter, apart from the native Ableton plugins.

Do you make music to fit certain labels, or do you just create what you like and worry about finding a home for it later?

Second one, I create what I like, what I vibrate with and feel that it can connect with people. I express myself through music. 

This month, you’ll be performing at Tomorrowland on July 29. How excited are you about this concert and what can people expect from your performance that day?

For me Tomorrowland is the most important and largest festival in the world in terms of production and assembly, having the opportunity to play there is more than an achievement for any artist. It was the first festival I went to, it was a dream and it was there, seeing other artists tap, that he promised me of touch there. The first time I was accompanied by my mother and it was really special to have her support and energy for such an important challenge. This is my second time and I feel the same emotion and desire to make people happy with my music. So for everyone who goes, you will have a lot of music unreleased and the happy vibe that characterizes me.

What would you like to achieve as an artist in the rest of 2023 and beyond?

Keep doing music. I have between 10 and 15 tracks that are going to be published soon. I would like them to be well received by the public and other artists, because we have put a lot of effort and love into them. As part of our expansion, we have set out to open the seal of Unreleased before the end of the year, we have already had events with the brand that have been a success, even during this summer in Ibiza we did Sold Out on all dates, the next step is to consolidate the seal for this 2023.

Who are some of the emerging producers that have caught your attention recently?

There are many emerging producers that I admire of whose music nourish me for my sets. Among them I can mention Fahlberg, Josh Gigante, Notedrame, Beswerda, Malone.

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