Interview with Agents Of Time, the Italian duo in the realm of emotional melodic techno

9 months ago
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interview Agents Of Time

Agents Of Time is the project of Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo. A revered twoman live act, DJ’s and masters of their sound in the studio.

First of all, how are you, whats good and whats maybe bad right now?

Hey Guys!! Thanks for inviting us. 

We’re all good! I think we’re in the best moment of our career, we have a lot of projects for 2022 and we can’t wait to reveal them to everyone!

Did you guys used the lockdown to your advantage (creatively)? 

The lockdown was initially one of the best periods for us. We spent almost half of the year studying to improve our knowledge and we also had finally the time to finish our first album. We’re super excited about it!!

How do you guys keep the balance now (when there are less restrictions regarding corona) between making music & performing at gigs?

Let’s say we are heading back to what was our life before corona. Studio time is always super important, we like to dedicate 10 to 12 hours a day in the studio working on new ideas. 
Of course during the weekend most of the time, we have shows so we focus the studio time during the week!

What would you say was the most important piece of equipment/hardware/software used in making your latest tracks?

The most important gear for us has been and is the Virus TI Desktop 2. The way how it sounds helped us a lot to create our own identity. 

What artist / music are you currently listening to? 

We do like to listen to a lot of different genres, we can listen to The Weeknd or we can listen to John Coltrane. We do think there’s music for every type of mood or situation. If it’s quality music is always nice to hear and maybe learn something from other genres 

When can we expect your next release? 

We do have a lot of stuff next year. The first one will be in January or February. Just keep on following our pages for news 🙂

What else have you got coming up/are you excited by this year and next year?

We can’t reveal everything but we have 3 remixes for big artists we respect and that are also friends of ours.
After this, we also have our first album and then some EPs on the label we do always collaborate with every year! 

Thank you for having us and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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