Catching up with Jonas Saalbach

11 months ago
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interview jonas saalbach

Jonas Saalbach is a man at the peak of his powers right now. A truly majestic talent, his brilliance is beginning to be keenly felt outside of his native Germany, with his gig calendar looking more full all the time. This, of course, is directly attributable to some brilliant releases. Jonas’ next big artistic statement is Highlights, out via his Radikon label. A record that brilliantly sums up why we fell head over heels with his sound, we can confirm already that this is one of our favourite such albums from 2021 so far. Indeed, we’re very much looking forward to catching Jonas on the road soon, so to mark the album occasion we checked in with him to chat about his favourite gig experiences of the last few years. As you might imagine, there were quite a few vying for the top spot! And now that the world is beginning to open again, we can’t wait to see what else he’s got in store for us soon… 

Two gigs I would like to mention were at Fusion Festival and in Beirut. When I performed a Live Set on the famous ‘Turmbühne’ in 2015, it was probably the beginning of my career as a touring artist. 2019 was my last performance at Fusion – another Live Set and just an unforgettable time for me. It was a sunset playtime, perfect temperatures, and a full stage. The festival has always been special to me and still is because I’ve been there a long time as a visitor as well. It’s become quite famous, with a significant number of visitors, but it’s still not commercialized. There is no advertising from big brands and what I also like is that all the food you can buy is vegetarian or vegan. Another memorable show was at ‘The Gärten’ in Beirut. What a venue that was! I felt like I was playing on a big festival stage, with a perfect sound and light system. And I fell in love with the people in Beirut from my first gig there. Such nice people and always a great atmosphere and energy in the clubs. It’s so sad that so many clubs were damaged after the explosion at the port. In November I will return to Beirut for the first time since that gig and perform at Madhouse. Really looking forward to it!

Jonas Saalbach’s new album Headlights is out Friday 29th October. Buy/listen to the album here

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