Joseph Capriati presents Metamorfosi at Amnesia Ibiza

2 years ago
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Joseph capriati amnesia

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Globally renowned DJ and producer Joseph Capriati is to play three exclusive parties at Amnesia this summer. Each one comes under his Metamorfosi banner on Fridays July 22nd, August 5th and August 19th and they promise to be an immersive dive into the Italian tastemaker’s unique musical world alongside a carefully curated mix of special guests.

Metamorfosi is the artistic evolution of the Neapolitan giant and showed real personal and musical development. Since then he has constantly tweaked his sound, exploring fresh new ground and always building on the past to take his sound, his sets and his fans into the unknown. 

Joseph has always been on a mission to constantly push forward as an artist as does his commitment to making a lasting mark on the global dance music underground through his music. As such, when he arrives at Amnesia he is sure to step up his game and take the vast crowds to the next dimension. 

Says Joseph, “It’s a dream come true to have these dates at Amnesia. I have been dreaming about this since the first time I went to the club. Every party will be packed with passion from me and my whole team. Everyone will feel that when they step into the club. We decided to do just three nights so that we can really put everything into each one. I can’t wait to see you there and make sure these events are truly special and unique experiences.” 

These are set to be three unmissable events for techno lovers. Sign up now for tickets at

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