Tale Of Us’ Carmine Conte debuts solo project, MRAK with “One” EP on Afterlife

2 years ago
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MRAK tale of us

Tale Of Us and Afterlife co-founder Carmine Conte debuts fearless solo project, MRAK.

A consummate artist, Conte’s unwavering commitment to constantly creating music has led to the conception of MRAK – An extension of Tale Of Us that will feedback into the duo’s ethos. 

On this inaugural release, we get a taste of the warmth, emotion and depth that characterises the artist’s unique sonic identity. 

‘Never Ends’ is the entry point into the world of MRAK, opening the EP with an unmistakable riff. The cut is imbued with spinetingling emotion and a considered arrangement designed to awaken your inner soul. 

This is followed by ‘Vacio’, a beautifully sombre piece which expertly utilises a wistful female vocal, juxtaposed with haunting timbres. 

Finally, title track ‘One’ is the EP’s powerful conclusion, as Conte envelops the listener in his soothing electronic soundscape.

Artist(s): MRAK 
Title: One
Record Label: Afterlife
Cat.Number: AL057
Release Date: 12th November 2021

1) Never Ends
2) Vacio
3) One

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