GORDO and Adriatique Unite For The First Time On Techno Smash ‘With You’

7 months ago
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Gordo adriatique

Having worked on this track for over a year, GORDO and Adriatique are unleashing their first ever collaboration ‘With You’, an electrifying track straight from the dance underground. Hailing from Switzerland, the electronic music duo known as Adriatique have been producing and playing house and techno since 2009. Their electronic style, combined with the latin influences of GORDO has made for an incredible dance floor focused track. Dropping on September 29th via Ultra Records alongside official ‘With You’ merchandise which will be available later today. 

‘With You’ opens up with a pulsating kick drum and baseline combination that drives things forward. A flurry of claps sound while hi-hats and snares are slowly introduced. Before long, a distorted but emotional vocal commands your attention while powerful synth keys dance and intertwine with the words that tell you, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”. At the drop and explosion of noise with layers of sound and a release of the tension that has been building up. The combination of these two artists has produced one of the most powerful electronic music songs we have seen in quite a while. 

‘With You’ has already received some massive support from the likes of Tale of Us who played it at their Afterlife show in NYC recently, and Korolova in Ibiza. An undeniable endorsement and stamp of approval from titans of the industry. 

As the festival season draws to a close, “With You” is poised to make a lasting impact on dance floors around the world. The track’s unique blend of melodies, rhythms, and sonic textures will captivate club-goers and DJs alike. Its infectious energy and danceability make it a perfect fit for the late-night club scene, where music enthusiasts come together to celebrate the electronic music culture.


About Gordo

Diamante Anthony Blackmon has already helped to define a global musical movement. But now he’s doing it again: Gordo is a new house music alias from the artist previously known as Carnage. His quest for this new sound has led to releases such as ‘KTM’, which became an instant Top 10 hit on the Beatport Main Chart, TARAKA, which was named after his own event series, the techno-infused speaker-rattling ‘Leaving Earth’ with KAS:ST, the widely acclaimed ‘RIZZLA’, and house anthem ‘R U 4REAL’.

His releases ‘Hombres y Mujeres’ alongside Colombian superstar FEID and ‘El Mas Chingon’ with Dominican heavyweight El Alfa as well as his numerous sold-out gigs in Latin America see Gordo’s return to his Hispanic roots. The Nicaraguan-American DJ/producer honors his heritage beyond giving back with beats though, as he’s fully committed to helping build schools and education centers in Nicaragua as well as Guatemala, where he was raised, with the latest opening its doors in February 2023 in Guatemala’s Nuevo Eden.

Already having established his name among dance music enthusiasts, Diamanté solidified his name as Gordo as he broke ground with 6 production on Drake’s latest dance-infused album ‘Honestly Nevermind’, got crowned #1 producer on Billboard’s Hot 100 producers and #1 Hispanic DJ by DJ Mag, and released his debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. From here it is all about making the music he wants to. No going back.

About Adriatique

What’s in a name? For Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, it’s a decade–and counting–of joint creativity. After getting to know each other in Zuricḧin 2008, Adrian & Adrian became inseparable, not just as friends, but also as artists. They carved out a career as one of the most consistent and distinctive DJ/producer duos in the house and techno scene: Adriatique.

The key to an enduring partnership is, of course, to complement each other, and the twoAdrians do so admirably. Music-wise, their various tastes combine into one unique sound, and their respective preference for studio work and performance means that both aspects are equally well covered. Adriatique’s DJ sets as well as their productions are long, meditative, relentlessly building affairs, ever challenging the listener with subtle twists to a hypnotic groove. There is much more to the duo than just a well-oiled electronic music machine, however. They also live together, draw plans together, and support art in all its forms together

Drawing from their own experience as strangers turned full-time partners, Adrian and Adrian know that it is the bridging of differences that breeds creativity. This is why, in the future, they plan on expanding their network of collaborators as well as the creative scope of Adriatique and Siamese activities. They may be a decade in the business, but Adriatique’s true mission has only just begun.

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Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

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