Highly rated French artist Space 92 releases new “The Door” EP on Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid

2 years ago
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Space 92 is the latest artist to land on the unstoppable Filth on Acid label with his three track “The Door” EP. Stay Filthy on Acid NOW!

This hit producer was Beatport’s top selling artist of 2020 and has already had 2 number 1’s on Filth on Acid in the past, with Atlas, and The Game. Here he shows off his skills and heads into 2022 on another wave of goodness. 

The Door opens up with fizzing synths and blisteringly tough drums that will rattle walls. Its got searing synths and an all consuming sense of dynamic groove that never lets up. Luna is a similarly potent track with thunderous claps and epic bass, all driven by more super solid kicks. 

Cyberspace then closes down with futuristic synths, searing synth loops straight from a 90s video game, and whooshes of white noise and blasts of bass that bolster the grooves. 

This is a vital new EP from Space 92. 

Artist(s): Space 92
Title: The Door 
Record Label: Filth On Acid 
Cat.Number: FOA107
Release Date: 28th January 2022 [Beatport exclusive (2 weeks)] 

1) The Door 
2) Luna 
3) Cyberspace


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